Schattentanz von Celia Rojas, Foto: Simone Luttenberger

Photo: Su DanceLead

Art is the best way to understand the culture of the world

(Pablo Picasso)

The nonprofit association SIMarte e.V. was founded in Berlin-Schöneberg in autumn 2018 after a two-year preparation phase. It is a network of experienced artists and art enthusiasts of different fields and their following goals:

  • Support of creative processes from early childhood.
  • Art and culture as a space for developing one’s capability.

We perceive ourselves as arts intermediaries and cultural ambassadors. Due to our cross-cultural composition, we are in the position of falling back on an international network of artists.

Our special focus is on the involvement of all people, regardless of their abilities or limitations. Our work also takes into account a trauma-sensitive approach to work.

Currently, art projects, movement sessions and training for cooperation partners in education, children’s and youth  promotion are being carried out in institutions on site. In the long term, the aim is to set up an intercultural art academy for children, young people and young adults in our own premises in the Berlin area.