Movement sessions

„Move on up“

In primeval times the human body was made for being able to walk up to 40 km per day. However, most of us don’t move enough. Lack of exercise can lead to various problems and has a lasting impact on the mental and physical constitution. Therefore, we mainly focus on the integration of movement/exercise programs in our artistic work.

All sessions can be integrated into an art project or booked single. Continuous classes as well as complete project days are possible.

Kinder tanzen, Photo: JBtiger,

Photo: JBtiger,


„Vamos a bailar – Let’s dance – Dansons – Lasst uns tanzen“

Dancing helps us to strengthen our vital forces and enhances vitality. We reinvent ourselves by discovering new movement patterns. A dancing world-trip (among others Latin American folklore, flamenco and improvisation techniques) enriches our lives by understanding other cultures and our similarities. We discover new forms of expression, worlds of music and we practice ourselves in cutting a fine figure on the stage of life.

For groups of day care centers 2 + years and for school classes.

Kinder trommeln auf verschiedenen Instrumenten

Photo: Jenny Julius

Percussion in motion

„Bum tschaka bum – 1-2-3-4“

It is no secret anymore that there is a connection between music and mathematics.

Besides imparting musical and cultural aspects, discovering new rhythms and sound formats will be the focus in this course. The body will be in action in order to physically experience the music. Early childhood education is mainly about inspiring and encouraging musical creativity. Improvisational techniques bring different percussion instruments closer to the children. The voice is also used, as well as elements of body percussion. The perception of sound qualities, sound lengths and dynamics prepare for further musical activities.

If necessary, we offer instrumental and rhythmic ensemble work for school projects, including rehearsal work for stage arrangements.

For groups of day care centers 2 + years and for school classes.

Kinder beim Capoeira

Photo: Uwe Steckhan

Capoeira Angola

„The art of talking to the body“

Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian combat dance created from the end of the 16th century by runaway slaves and other threatened populations of Brazil and has been steadily evolving ever since.

Afro-Brazilian body art is ideal for children and adolescents who like to move and enjoy music. Simple acrobatic exercises, basic body work, stretching and balance-enhancing activities lead to a good body feeling and healthy self-assessment.

Capoeira is a physical and mimic self-expression and playful reflection of a combative situation. In fact, the participants never touch. Reflexes and responsiveness increase through training, so that within a very short time the children learn to dodge each other and reach a harmonious game. Capoeira thrives on the vitality of the moment. Spontaneity is mixed with techniques and supple movements. The improvised game seems like a choreography. Communication through the body, through movement, voice and rhythm. Capoeira is always accompanied by music. Singing and playing the capoeira-music promotes one's own musicality and joie de vivre.

This offer is aimed at all ages of 2 upwards. In day care facilities, youth facilities or family centers with rooms for movement.

Kinder bei spielerischer Bewegung

Photo: Jenny Julius

Psychomotor movement classes

„Through movement to unity"

In this offer, various psychomotor techniques are integrated into age-appropriate games and incidentally all brain areas are activated equally. By getting to know body boundaries, spatial perception, activating all the senses and treating one's physical self, the first foundations for successful self-regulation are laid and the senses are playfully trained.

This offer is aimed at all ages of 2 upwards. In day care facilities, youth facilities or family centers with rooms for movement.

Kind meditiert

Photo: Fotoline,

Relaxation techniques

„Stop and go“

What would a score be without rests? As in music, breaks are as important as intense periods of activity. Relaxation techniques (including autogenic training and yoga) help to calm and process newly made experiences. In this offer, we offer age-appropriate and practical possibilities, which can also be easily applied in the day-to-day life of day care facilities and school.

This offer focuses on the following target groups:

  • education professionals
  • children of every age group.

Possible In day care facilities, youth facilities or family centers with a room in a quiet atmosphere.

Junge Frau schneidet Grimasse

Photo: Carolinchen,


„It is not beauty, but truthfulness that counts"

In this activity you will sophisticate your own body language and you will learn how to decode the other ones. Being aware of the own facial expression and gesture is fun, and not only helps in theatrical work but also in everyday situation, i.e. speeches, exams, teaching and job interviews.

We offer specific courses, tailored directly to your needs and learning goals. Our target groups are:

  • education professionals
  • children and adolescents 6+ years