Kinderzeichnung, Foto: Merit Fakler

Photo: Merit Fakler

Projects in aesthetic education

  • In early childhood education
  • At schools
  • In institutions of youth promotion
  • In institutions to support refugees

„Research and Discover“

Contemporary neurobiological research show that the means by which learning has so far been imparted, is not necessarily effective for all learners. In addition, it shows that the process of understanding should always involve all senses so that children can actually "comprehend." For this reason, Berlin’s Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Science, as well as the German Cultural Council, welcome the implementation of Project Based Learning at educational institutions to impart knowledge.

Through experience at all sensory levels, newfound insights deepen in the long term. Learning experiences made at the body level are better stored and thus stay in the memory better. In addition, they convey a feeling of self-efficacy and motivate the spirit of discovery.

Courses  and project days

We develop art education projects with you or for you and they are strongly aligned with the interests of children, adolescents and young adults. By implementing aesthetic education and overlapping disciplines, we develop relevant topics as required or take up your topics. We support your specialist staff in the implementation of a single or multi-week project.