Videoinstallation, Foto: Merit Fakler

Photo: Merit Fakler

Our Philosophy

Every human being is an artist.

(Joseph Beuys)

Diversity and multidimensional nature are hidden in creativity

One can gain sensory experiences at all levels in a creative process. Therefore, it enhances the horizon of experience in a playful way and contributes to an enduring learning process.

Artistic expression promotes self-image

A complex creative offer that involves all senses enables you to experience your own limits, interests and skills.

Cooperation is encouraged by creative working

Interdisciplinary creative projects provide different challenges. Everyone has individual preferences and skills that complement each other in the creative process. By combining different competencies, one comes to a conclusion. In order to achieve this goal, exchange of ideas and a common strategy are required. In this way, there is a growing willingness to exchange and cooperate.

You are okay – I am okay

Who am I? What are my skills? What do I like? What is hard for me? These questions are being answered in a nonjudgmental environment, i.e. creative space and promote self-confidence and self-esteem, furthermore consideration and respect for other participants.

Artistic expression to promote democratic education

Promoting creativity means to promote problem-solving ability. Democratic processes require perseverance and inventiveness. Creative projects enable children to get close to their own resources in a playful way. Unlimited actions allow trial and error, failure and success free of fear. These experience values contribute in a supportive way the growing-up in democratic processes.

The path is the goal

All ideas find their place in the creative space. We work in a process-oriented way without standardizations and judgements. The provision of our knowledge are merely offers, individually tailored to the age groups. We are equally pleased about the use of our tips as well as their further development or change.